3190 Fogel Rd SE, Corydon, IN 47112

National Firework Wholesalers of America offers a line of high-performance items that are designed to provide the highest quality fireworks show possible. We carry products from Brothers, Magnus, Megabanger, Winda, Raccoon, and more. With our solid factory relationships in China, we are able to secure the highest quality wholesale fireworks at prices that fit everyone’s budget.

National Fireworks carries the best performing items in the industry. National Fireworks has a full-time staff of managers, warehouse personnel, sales associates, and office staff dedicated to making your shopping, ordering and shipping purchases streamlined and efficient.

We are where we are today by developing a formula that puts our customers first. To us, customer service is more than just pleasantly saying “Hello” it is the most important factor for our growth and our position in a competitive marketplace.

All clients, whether buying fireworks by the case or by the truck, deserve the same amount of effort and service to make their shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Simply stated, details matter and keep us striving toward perfection. This same philosophy is carried over in our dedication with wholesale customers that we supply on a year-round basis. The same level of service is given to our mail order clients who want their orders to be processed correctly and shipped in a timely fashion.

We have also worked hard establishing a strong relationship with major freight carriers. This allows us to pass along discounts and ensure your order is in good hands. This saves you money and provides you the best customer service from our docks to your door.